Manage Messages

Call Simplified handles Urgent and Non-Urgent messages differently. There are options on how to handle these messages. Your system can also be configured to never receive non-urgent messages; please speak with a care consultant during setup.

Urgent Messages
The App will instantly notify the provider of urgent messages day or night. The App will remind the provider of in-complete urgent messages based on the setting indicated at the top of the Provider Call Order screen. The system will perform a failover and place the next provider on call if the message is not completed within the time indicated, e.g. 120 minutes. Assign a message to yourself or another provider to disable notifications and failover. The App will also repeat alert notifications during the Non-Urgent Start and Stop Time.


Non-Urgent Messages
The Non-Urgent Do Not Disturb setting should left ON. The App will notify the provider of non-urgent messages based on the Reminder interval, 15min, 30min, 1 hour, etc. This is designed to group the alerts for non-urgent messages at a convenient interval for the provider. If set to 30 Min the App will notify the provider of non-urgent messages on the hour, e.g. 1:00PM, 1:30PM, 2:00PM.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.18.51 PM.png

If the provider does want to be notified of non-urgent messages, based on the reminder interval, then choose a setting such as Start Time 9:00PM and Stop Time 9:01PM. This setting also has has the effect of not repeating alerts for Urgent messages at night while sleeping. Enable Call Alerts to aid in being woken up.


If the provider never wants to be notified on non-urgent messages set the Non-Urgent Do Not Disturb setting is turned OFF.

When you receive and urgent message you be notified with an alert tone and notification. If you do not have cell reception you can enable Call Alert to have your primary and secondary telephones ring and alert you of urgent messages.


When you receive and alert, press the alert dialog or open the Call Simplified App and the message will appear. Or open the App and the Home Screen will appear indicating the current message count.  Red - Urgent, Blue - Non Urgent, Green - Assigned. Select the Urgent, Non-Urgent or Assigned message to open the Message List.  If the App is locked you will be presented with a PIN unlock screen first, unlock the app with your PIN or fingerprint.

note: Providers who are ON CALL or SECONDARY will see the message counts but only the ON CALL provider can Notate or Complete a message.


Message List
The message list contains the name of the message sender and received date and time for the given message type. Select the name to open the message. The Phone Icon indicates the message is was left from voicemail and not from the request form.


Message Detail
The specific message detail will be displayed depending on the type of message received. The message data captured can be customized by contacting your practice administrator.


Select the patient or pharmacy phone to dial the other party. If you have CallerID blocking on your phone your number will not be sent to the other party. If you don't have CallerID blocking you can enable CS Connect (Mask CallerID). Your phone will ring and you will be connected with the patient after a short delay but the call will come from an alternate number.  see Menu and Settings.

Physician Note and Reply to Patient
After reading the message, calling the patient or pharmacy select Notate to notate the patient record or reply to the message sender via text message (SMS). If the message sender has indicated they do not want to be contacted by SMS the option Reply to Patient and Send Reply will not be available.  Record the private office physician notes, enter a reply to the patient and select Send Reply. Press the back arrow at the top to save the notes and reply but take another message action such as Assign or return to the message later to Complete.


Select Complete when the reply has been sent and provider Note has been entered.  It is not possible complete a message if a reply has been entered but not sent. Delete the reply to Complete the message. The office Staff and Admin will see the message detail and enter it into the patient record. The provider has no access to Completed messages. When Completing a message verify that you want to complete the message.

If you wish to send the message to another provider press Assign. All notes and replies will be saved when sent. You can not send to another provider unless they are logged into the App. You can Assign a message to yourself if you do not want to be notified of it's completion by Message Guard or Message Reminder. When a message is Assigned to another provider the provider will be actively alerted unless they have Do Not Disturb activated.

Check Voicemail

This will connect to the voicemail service where you can listen to the last patient message. You should document what the patient said in the App so the office staff will not have to listen to the message the next day. The most recent message will play first. Press 1 to repeat the message.  Press 2 to play the next message. Press 3 to erase the message. Press 9 to hear the phone number and time of the message. If you want to leave the message for the office staff the next day don't delete it.


To call the patient back simply hangup and you will be returned to the message detail screen where you can call the patient back.

Voicemail messages are retained for 30 days and then deleted.