The App Interface

Once you have logged in you will be taken to the App Home Screen.

Availability Status
Availability determines who will receive messages. Select the word OFF CALL, SECONDARY or PRIMARY to open the Availability Screen and set availability status. 


You are not on call and will not receive messages unless they are assigned to you.

 Your are not on call. You are backup for the On Call Provider if they do not complete their urgent message.

You are on call. You will receive urgent and non-urgent messages and be alerted.


Press the word OFF CALL, SECONDARY, or ONCALL to change Provider Availability status.

Then press the toggle button next to the Provider you want to make Primary, Secondary or take Off Call.  Drag the Provider up or down in the call list. The top Provider who is active will receive messages first and the secondary (backup) provider will be next in case the first provider does not complete the message.


Your system administrator can change the times to remind a provider of an incomplete urgent message and the time to failover to the next provider in the list.

Note: A Provider must be logged into the App in order for their name to appear in the Availability Screen. If a Provider logs out of the App their will be remove from the Call List. Provider Availability may be updated if that Provider was On Call or Secondary.

Home Screen
The number of Urgent and Non-urgent messages that have not been completed are listed in the home screen. note: Providers who are ON CALL or SECONDARY will see the message counts but only the ON CALL provider can Notate or Complete a message. Messages assigned to yourself or assigned by another provider are indicated as Assigned.  see Messages.

If you receive an Urgent message and do not want to be reminded to complete it you can Assign the message to yourself. You will not be alerted of incomplete Assigned messages (use with caution).


Select the 3 bars on the top right to open the Menu. When open the menu will indicate your user name and options for changing the interface color, settings, help, about, and logging out. see Menu and Settings.

The App will lock after 5 minutes of inactivity. You can still view the Availability and Message Status without unlocking the App. Press on the activity - Availability or Messages List to start the unlock process. Enter your PIN or use your devices finger print scanner. You can also unlock the App by pressing the Lock icon in the top left. Close the menu by pressing the X in the top right.

Message Guard(TM)
This works automatically and will change the Secondary Provider to Primary Provider if the Primary Provider did not complete an urgent message in the time indicated at the top of the Availability Status screen.

CS Connect(TM) Blocked CallerID
When selecting the callback phone number the call can be initiated directly from your phone. If you have not enabled permanent CallerID blocking on your phone the patient will see your phone number. To block your number go to the App Menu > Settings and set CS Connect to ON . When you select a callback number your phone will ring, answer it and wait for the message ‘Press 1 to be connected with your party’, press 1, then you will be connected.