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Q. Does Call Simplified allow my patients to use the phone instead of using an app?
A. Yes. Patients call your office and are forwarded to our after-hours system. We take the message and notify the provider instantly. Patients are also given the choice, and most prefer, to use the new electronic web submission sent to them via text message or posted on your website.

Q. Where do I download or update the Call Simplified App?
A. From your mobile device open the App Store or Google Play Store and search for Call Simplified. Or click here on your iPhone or here on your Android phone. If your app needs updating the store listing will show Update. If the App is already on the current version the listing will show Open. Enable automatic updates in your phone settings for more convenience.

Q. How will Call Simplified alert me?
A. Call Simplified will send a Push Notification to your phone and play your alert sound for new messages, message reminders and provider changes.  Non-Urgent messages will alert you based on your Message Reminder setting.  In iOS select Settings > Notifications > Call Simplified > Sounds ENABLE or you will not get alerts for Urgent messages when they arrive. In Android select Settings > Notifications > Call Simplified > Allow notifications ON. Do not turn on show silently as you will not hear the notification.

Q. How do I suppress alerts at night for Non-Urgent?
A. In the Call Simplified App > Menu > Settings > Enable Non-Urgent Do Not Disturb and set the time range you don't want to be alerted of Non-Urgent messages. You will always be alerted on Urgent messages unless you have enabled Do Not Disturb on your device.

Q. I use Do Not Disturb on my device when I'm sleeping. Will Call Simplified alert me?
A. No it will not unless you make some specific changes on your device:

For iOS in the Call Simplified App > Menu > Settings > Enable Non-Urgent Do Not Disturb and set the same Do Not Disturb time as in iOS Do Not Disturb setting. You must enable Call Me for Urgent Alerts. In iOS Settings > Do Not Disturb Allow Call from Everyone or Favorites. If Favorites is used add (424) 704-5609 to your Phone Favorites.

For Android select Settings > Notifications > Call Simplified > Allow notifications ON and Set as priority ON to allow Call Simplified to override Do Not Disturb.

Q. How can I bill for e-visit and telephone conversations with Call Simplified?
A. Call Simplified enables your billing department to track e-visits and telephone consultations using the App. Providers simply notate the details of the conversation and the back office can bill for the time - everything is documented. Capture your after-hours service billing: Telephone evaluation Code 99441 for 5-10 minutes of medical discussion; 99442 for 11-20 minutes of medical discussion; 99443 for 21-30 minutes of medical discussion. Online medical evaluations ("e-visits") billable by PCP only Code 99444 for online evaluation and management service provided by a physician or other qualified health care professional who may report evaluation and management services provided to an established patient or guardian, not originating from a related E&M service provided within the previous 7 days, using the Internet or similar electronic communications network.  

Q. I want to have my voicemails transcribed. Is that possible?
A. Yes. If a patient desires to leaves a voicemail it can transcribed by an electronic system if the optional transcription service is activated on your account. The provider will then see a machine transcription of the voicemail as the patient request. The provider can read the request in the Call Simplified App and also call the voicemail to listen to the actual message. The provider can then respond via text message or call the patient back and speak live.