How Call Simplified Works

For Patients

Patients or hospitals call your practice and are forwarded to Call Simplified's after-hours care service. They select if they are a hospital or patient and if the message is urgent or non-urgent. They enter their call back number and leave a voicemail message. Patients also receive a link to the Call Simplified web form where they can fill out their request online with all pertenant details - no more missing information from voicemail messages.

For Providers

The provider on call is instantly notified of urgent patient voicemail or electronic request in the Call Simplified App. Non-urgent messages notify the provider at preferred times. The provider can read the details of the request and reply via text message; call the pharmacy and call the patient. The provider documents the encounter and completes the message, saving time and allowing all information to be contained in a single system. Providers can switch who is on call in one swipe.

For Staff

Office staff and practice administrators view the patient requests using the Call Simplified web system. The request, reply and physician notes are then transferred into the patient medical record in one step. Administrators can setup new request forms to receive appointment requests or other specialty needs. They can add and delete users in the system and reset passwords. Message archives can be exported or printed as required for the medical record. 

Instant Message Notification

On Call and Message Status

Patient and Message Details


Reply and Document

Send Reply and Document

How much does it cost?

Call Simplified is priced competitively to voicemail services but offers so much more; in-app documentation, better user experience, swipe to reply, one touch documentation, and capturing after-hours revenue to name a few. We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. There are no additional charges for the number of after-hours patient requests or voicemails. Call Simplified can help you capture your e-visit charges via CPT codes with real-time message documentation. When physicians and staff use Call Simplified they spend half the time handling after-hours call. We have additional options for automated voicemail transcription and specialized call routing. Our starter package is $100 per month and includes service for two providers. Additional providers are $50 per month. We will reduce the monthly rate and wave the $150 setup fee with our yearly pre-payment program. Pricing over 10 providers is custom.

Switching to Call Simplified is Simple

1)  Forward your after-hours calls to Call Simplified.

2)  Physicians download the Call Simplified App and go ‘On Call’ to read, reply and document patient messages instantly.

Call us at 323-405-4596 or contact us so we can talk with you about how your office currently takes call. We can answer any additional questions, give a demonstration and walk you through the sign up process.  Your account can be up and running the next business day. Then you'll be able to use your new Call Simplified number and customized web form to capture patient's urgent after-hours requests. If you don't have a website or it's difficult to update, that's no problem - when patient's call they will be sent a text message with a link to your customized web form. From there they can complete the request online, leave a voicemail or be connected with your existing call service who can also use Call Simplified.  

Still not convinced?

Remember three things about Call Simplified:

  1. Call Simplified reduces physician time taking call and increases the accuracy of patient request data by allowing patients to enter their requests directly online or over the phone, reducing reliance on expensive and unreliable operator services.

  2. Call Simplified allows the physician to read patient requests, reply via a text message, call the patient, or pharmacy without exposing their private phone number. As the encounter is documented in real time, the physician is not tasked with additional patient records updates the next day.

  3. Call Simplified is not a patient portal or a chat app. It processes urgent requests ensuring prioritized notification to the provider. Messages never go unanswered and it provides message updates to physicians, staff and patients. Providers can also use Call Simplified for non-urgent appointment or scheduling requests reducing time on the phone for your staff.

We like our operator service. Really?

Does your operator allow you to reply to patients request via text? You may not realize, but when an operator contacts you, you have to listen to all the information about the patient, then tell the operator what to do, or call the patient or pharmacy. With Call Simplified the patient is empowered to enter their request directly, with all required data being typed in. The Doctor instantly sees the request, responds via text or call the pharmacy or the patient in one touch. And you've already documented the encounter with no additional work needed on your part. Takes half the time. And you can always speak to the patient directly.

Some of my doctors like to use an operator, others like using Apps.

No problem. When one Doctor is on call the operator can receive the patient requests and notify the doctor if required while the other doctors can respond directly to request based on their urgency. We have found the once the doctors start getting electronic requests they like that more than talking with operators, it takes half the time.

Our voicemail system works fine.

Does your voicemail system allow you to text the patient back, document the response and physician notes in one step? With Call Simplified patients can be prompted to enter specific information for after hours or general care requests and that information can be used by the physician or office staff to quickly manage their care, no duplicate effort.

My patients don’t use the web or mobile phones.

Really? How many patients do you know who don't have their phone clutched in their hand. Move your practice into the future and add convenience and improved accuracy to your standard of care. Call Simplified allows patients to call or use the web. Both methods allow for the patient to enter important details, DOB, Pharmacy phone that speed up provider responses and reduce hassle. The voice options make it easy for older patients.

Our EMR has a patient portal. (our physicians don't want more logins)

Call Simplified works like doctors: one problem at a time. Doctors don't have to learn anything new and patients use the same phone number to reach your practice. We also enable patients to utilize a revolutionary way of entering their data online, the doctor doesn't have to do anything but read the message and reply to the patient via text (or phone call based on the specific need). Office staff copy the completed data into the patient record. Takes half the time.

Our current service is less expensive.

How much is your doctors time worth?  If you save your doctor 30 minutes a day taking call that’s thousands a year in more productivity. Let them 'Take back their after-hours life'. 20 years ago doctors used an operator where they where going to have dinner, then they had pagers so they could call the answering service. Now the web can solve both these problems, reduce cost and decrease the time physicians spend dealing with after hours call.

What about HEDIS and PQRS?

Call Simplified focuses on urgent care communication, accurate information collection and guaranteed response to patient requests without the need for an operator. By reducing the number of steps, empowering patients to interact with online or phone prompts, and prioritizing notification to the provider, Call Simplified improves care. HEDIS measures and specific data collection points can be integrated into Call Simplified web forms and phone prompts when the patient makes a request. Reporting for the Physician Quality Reporting System using Call Simplified is a win-win. This improves quality out of the box, reduces cost and increases productivity.

Are you HIPAA (HITECH) certified?

There is no certification for HIPAA or HITECH, only compliance with guidelines. Call Simplified is built on a software platform that has independent security and compliance reviews to meet the ever changing HIPAA and HITECH requirements. All data is AES-256 bit encrypted using TLS 1.2 (SSL). This security architecture and encryption technology has been protecting privacy of financial corporate systems long before it was adopted by healthcare regulators. Security and privacy are standard operating procedure. We provide a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with our Terms of Service.