Lead Registration

We appreciate educating your medical office's doctors and staff about the benefits of Call Simplified. In appreciation for your efforts we have created a lead registration process and compensation plan. All you need to do is pass along the contact information for the lead you have been discussing Call Simplified with and we'll do the rest. If we close your opportunity in 3 months you will get a check based on the duration of their contract. If your office doesn't close in 3 months just register them again with an update to the current state of your conversations so we can do our work again and get you paid.

25% of Annual Contract Value

A practice of 5 physicians could have an ACV of $3,025 for the first year. That's $750 for a few hours work on your part.

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Representative Name
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Include: Practice size, how many physicians rotate call, current after hours call service, current price paid, pain points, why they like Call Simplified.
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