Thank you for selecting Call Simplified for your after-hours messaging needs. Our innovative technology saves physicians, staff and patients thousands of hours a year by using technologies we are all familiar with – Apps and the web. Call Simplified is a HIPAA and HITECH compliant service and being such you will need to accept our HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, like that for your EHR provider.

Tick the checkbox at the bottom of this subscription payment form to complete this transaction.

We have partnered with an online payment processing company to facilitate the financial portion of your subscription to Call Simplified. Your subscription amount is based on the number of providers in your practice who take after-hours call. Please enter the amount of your subscription in the field below. Setup fee of $150 is waived for yearly renewing subscription. After submitting your payment details and accepting the Terms of Service and HIPAA BAA, your account will be setup within 24 hours. A customer care associate will send a welcome letter out with all your pertinent information and a proposed training time.

30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.