Welcome to the Call Simplified
Smart Call Trial


We are excited for you to try Call Simplified. After registering, you will be able to start reading, replying to and documenting your after-hours requests in half the time. We will send a notification to the registered parties for the trial.

  • After you register, we will reach out to and setup a call. After we understand your practice environment you will receive an invitation to login.

  • Physicians or providers taking call should download the Call Simplified iOS or Android App and login with their email and password.  

  • The office staff then forwards your phones to your dedicated Call Simplified number. Physicians go 'On Call' to read, reply to and document messages.


What Happens Next

For the next 30 days patient and hospital callers will be prompted to submit a message. The On-Call provider will be notified by the app.

  • The provider can call back the patient or pharmacy, or if the patient allows, reply via text message.

  • Check Voicemail to listen to and delete messages.

  • Document and complete the messages for the medical record. 

  • The messages are always available online for your office staff.

Patients will also be given the option to complete their request electronically instead of leaving a voicemail. Call Simplified is easily customized to include all of your physicians, office staff, and After-Hours preferences and more.

There are many more powerful features if you want to explore