PRN Services Warranty/SLA
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following FAQ outlines the Warranty and Service Level Agreement as referenced in the PRN Terms of Service.

 This page will be updated on a regular basis to ensure regulatory compliance, reflect updated product features and current network and system performance.

Q: Does PRN guarantee a system uptime and reliability?
A: PRN makes every effort to maintain an uptime of 99% and can include scheduled service windows which will be communicated at least 24 hours in advance if possible.

PRN Compliance to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH)

Q: Does PRN comply with all HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules?
A: PRN constantly monitors its policies and procedures to ensure compliance to all HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules

Q: What additional steps does PRN take to ensure compliance?
A: PRN takes an aggressive stance to maintaining compliance by:

a.    Ensuring every employee has undergone HIPAA Privacy and Security Training prior to working or gaining access to client accounts

b.    Regular review and updates of internal policies and procedures

c.     Strict adherence to requirements of Administrative, Physical and Technical Safeguards mandated in the HIPAA Security Rules

d.    Leveraging the latest technology in security, encryption and data integrity to guaranty the protection of your data in its three states – Data at Rest, Data in Use and Data in Motion

 Last Updated Sep 5, 2017