Version 2 Release

We are happy to announce Call Simplified Version 2.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The new App version 2.9.18 requires you first DELETE your Call Simplified App. If you upgrade first or it happens automatically you will not be able to connect. If you are upgraded and can not connect, delete your App and install it again from the App Store.

After you have logged in press the Menu in the top right, then Settings, then Save. This will save the new settings such as Play Tone for Urgent Alerts, or Call me for Urgent Alerts, and CS Connect CallerID Blocking. 

You will get notified of Urgent Messages as Normal. Instead of swiping on the notification, open the App directly from your home screen. The ability to swipe and read will be working in a few days.

To DELETE the App return to your iOS home screen.  Press and Hold the Call Simplified App icon for a few seconds. When the red X appears press it. After the App disappears press your Home Button.

YOU WILL NEED your PASSWORD to login again after re-installing the App. If you can not remember your password click Forgot Password, check your email, and after it's changed return to the App and login with your email and new password.  

Passwords must contain 8 characters, at least one uppercase and one number. No symbols.

App Redesign: Streamlines the view of your message status without having to unlock the App first.  Unlock the App only when you want to see more or change settings.

Android Support: Introduces the Android App with the same functionality and design of the Version 2 iOS App. 

Multi-device Support: If you have two devices, such as two iPhones or an iPhone and Android you can login to both and get notifications on all your devices with the App installed.

CS Connect: (CallerID Blocking) When enabled a 3-way call will be initiated when you call the patient. First your phone will ring, pick it up and press 1. Then the patient will be called. When either party hangs up the call is disconnected. They do not see your Caller ID. Access via Settings.

Call Alert: When enabled this feature will ring your primary and alternate phone numbers and alert you of urgent messages. This can be useful if you are in an area with no data service. You will need to have data service to read and manage the message still. Access via Settings.





David Finke